Saturday, March 05, 2005

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everyone in my house has fallen under zuma's spell. i certainly seem to be unable to get enough of it.

freddy's last haircut has left him looking like a little lion boy. i love him...he loves my mother loves shaking her ass in the kitchen while singing along to elton john songs, and vacuuming whatever room it is that i happen to be watching dr phil in.

jim and kim have both been sick for a year and a half straight...or so they'd like us to believe. i have my suspicions that while they claim they're home in bed dying, they're actually going out every night, attempting to perfect the art of ballroom dancing.

my sister's coming home for good. no she isn't. yes she is. no she isn't. yes she is.

i can not believe i'm going to see nine inch nails. i haven't been this excited since the ridiculously short-lived return of BK's rodeo cheese burger.

spring is coming.

i'm leaving for the windy city in a week. 3rd time back...i may never come home so say goodbye to me before saturday.

i miss six feet under more than words could ever express and the painfully long wait for the fifth and final season is very possibly going to be the excruciating death of me.

i haven't smoked a cigarette in a month. congratulate me.

i would voluntarily and gladly get another tooth pulled (maybe even more than one) for the laughing gas and the vicodin.

urinating at ed's, simultaneously with kristyn while sitting right beside her has become something i actually find myself looking forward to.

"i want to live in a wooden house where making more friends would be easy. i want to live where the sun comes out." coldplay heals me.

a certain boy we all know and love is going to be the lead in a play. at his request, i will not reveal his identity, but you should try to find out and bring him flowers.

tell kevin not to dye his hair black.

"i saw you at a perfect place. it's gonna happen soon but not today. so go to sleep and make the change. i'll meet you here tomorrow. independence day."

i love all of you.


Blogger Jackie said...

i miss my little lion boy.
mommy's funny.
i didn't know it was six feet under's last season, when i read that my heart skipped a beat.
rodeo burger's back??????

12:07 PM  
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