Saturday, April 09, 2005

flowing more freely than wine

this has been one of the best nights i've experienced in quite some time. beatlefest takes the cake. i danced, i sang, i laughed, i bought things. i smiled and loved every moment. i'm incredibly rejuvenated.

people love the beatles. seriously, they fucking LOVE them. the energy in the room as all the beatles fans come together, playing their guitars, their tambourines, singing their hearts's intense. it's an amazing feeling to know that all of you are there for the same exact reason. you all love and appreciate this music, these wonderful, beautiful men--john, paul, george, ringo--you love them, and you love what they stood for and what they continue to stand for, their message. LOVE LOVE LOVE. love, peace, goodness. forgive me, i'm drunk and enthusiastic.

there will be an answer, let it be.


Blogger Jackie said...

did you buy me anything from that wonderful place????

8:55 PM  

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