Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"So naive to keep holding on to what I want to believe. I can see but I keep holding on and on and on and on"...

hmmm...so what is there to say?

ever since the nine inch nails show, i've been having intense dreams about trent reznor. last night he pulled me up on stage with him and, looking deep into my eyes, sang to me in front of thousands of screaming people, including hans herman who later in the dream proceeded to strut across the stage and auction himself off to all the ladies in the crowd. they loved it. and all the while, beautiful trent loved me with everything in him.

this morning, i heard a nails song on the way to craftmatic and it gave me goose bumps like i’ve never experienced goose bumps before. what do you think it means? i wonder if i'll ever get to see nine inch nails live again before i die. i sure hope so. where is that hans, anyway?

there's going to be a PINK FLOYD REUNION. fuck all of us who matter for not being able to be there, right? first time they'll all be together in 24 years. screw you london, you lucky bastards. dave, rich, nick AND ROGER together again? shit on it. no, not on it...it's great. shit on me...and you.

six feet under...B E S T. ask rob, he knows. mort does not know, however. so don't ask him.

luau is july 9th. come if you rule. don't if you suck. you all know who you are.

where's connie?

"do you want to change it?"


Blogger Jackie said...

lets fly to london

2:04 PM  

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