Thursday, November 10, 2005

random nothingness

i should be doing homework right now. my mind just isn't in a homework place.

somewhere else. i exist somewhere else in this moment.

love is a battlefield. measure in love. cradle me. pretty things. sweetness. crystal clear. mend. cringe. speak. tip toe. camp. twist. lips. mister. dwindle. peach. cripple. stiff. tread. mark. cream. try me. lock the door behind you. steep. mean. come back. leave me alone. into the night. i'll call you back. easy does it. let go. make me. please. no. pure. vent. afterwards. alcoholic. fuck you. elderly. done. far away from it. new friends. LET GO. who are you? disease. disappoint. unknown. leave. sick of it. something else. remember? i don't care. i love you. hate? look at this photograph. good luck. stay dry. history. high quality. more and more. personal. individual. allow. control. concern. family. real. fight. dream big. go ahead. compliment your features. sweet deal. sing loudly. unlike any other. consideration. meltdown. falsify. crave. professor. really good mood. problem. helping me. angry e-mail. anything goes. kick him out. rock bottom. get out of here. admit it. crazy. messy. lied. sorry. focus group. hear my ideas. i'm straight. take me to lunch. right through there. programming. spoiled. gone. just a joke. new. middle of the night. substance. fear factor. absolute. phobia. make magic. worldly. listen. honey. hard time. get over it. same boat. from now on. deal. room full of drunks. profit. inside look. vanilla. pick it up. comfortable ride. available. different ways. all over the place. beauty. every time. perfect. save. evolve. time to change it all up. sexual health. perspective. unlike anything. see it now. say that you love me. drawn to it. frosting. warm. on the go. courage. pitter patter. apply. conceive. nap. research. just boys. today. winds of change. encounter. good to see you. don't want to hear about it. assumptions. did you know her? passion. welcome back. surprise. can i help you? staring contest. remarkable. art. confess. ward off evil. airport. furniture. notice. story. welcome. woes. fire. placeholder. abuse. weather. leave it to fate. not at all. such a pleasure. sit down. master. thanks anyway. how can you not see it? mannerisms. think. nothing. related. ok. autobiography. similarly. go ahead. churning. massage. limp. out to dinner. check on it. speedy recovery. fresh new look. glimpse into the future. you're fired. lemonade for sale. what's your story? sorry i'm late. enya. yoga. paradise. tastes like chicken. luminous. livid. say hello to my little friend. make him an offer he can't refuse. advice. ignore it. finish up. who knows? drive yourself crazy. strong sense of ethics. spin out of control. stubbornness. defense. dismissal. worst case scenario. feel the same way. you know that. how about it? unpleasant. give it a name. unconditional. hypothesis. children. one of a kind. musical. biological pleasure. life partner. your cab is waiting. can't thank you enough. going down? accepting. confide. saved my life. really something. take care. if i loved you. time after time. give it to me. stuck with it. look who it is. only. follow the rules. from coast to coast. eyes wide open. try to fix you. possibilities. dream on. universal. what? whoa.


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Blogger SolaceMarine said...

wow it looks like you dont update thist too often but i really love the quote at the top of your page
I love sam beam
my girlfriend said that to me before she died and i took it to mean cremation......that ashes spread around can bring new life..what does it mean to you

1:11 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I feel dizzy...

It's beautiful!

12:47 PM  
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